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Profile of CTCI Corporation

CTCI Corporation was founded in 1979, is the largest engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm in Taiwan. With years of hands-on experience, stable financial status, well-organized managerial systems, a preeminent workforce, as well as its outstanding quality services, CTCI has earned international prestige. Presently we have nearly 5,300 employees deployed in more than 20 subsidiaries worldwide. The paid-in capital in 2008 stands at NT$6.17 billion jumping greatly from the original NT$100 million in 1979.

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Profile of Sincerity Engineering 

Sincerity Engineering Co., Ltd is an international industrial distributor of steel pipe, valves, fittings, plate, section and other steel materials. The Company’s customer oriented approach is supported by the extensive range of products – both in types and sizes – that it handles and the comprehensive service package it offers. Sincerity Engineering supplies its products and services to companies in a wide range of sectors including the petrochemical, chemical, energy, offshore, shipbuilding, mechanical and construction, pipeline installation and trading sectors.

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