Automation in Engineering Design

By Nguyen Ba Tuan – CIMAS  Designing a structure requires engineers to perform many calculations to achieve optimal results. In order to design a single structure or building, the common way is to layout some solutions first and then do preliminary design, compare and evaluate the feasibility, economic efficiency, and construction [...]

Ten Years Development of CIMAS CIVIL Departmen

By Nguyen Ha Thanh – CIMAS Growing along with the development of Vietnam’s economy, CIMAS’s reputation as an Internationalized Provider of Engineering Services in Vietnam is gradually recognized through numerous projects that CIMAS was involved as a subcontractor. All CIMAS departments have experienced many development phases and made great contribution [...]

CIMAS 10 Years Looking Back

2000-2010 Vietnam Economy Overview In 2000, Viet Nam’s economy almost escaped from the social-economic crisis. The structure of the economy shifted positively from agriculture to industry. Agricultural weight in the economy reduced from 38.7% to 24.3% while industrial & civil weight raised from 22.7% to 36.6%. With advantages of high [...]

CIMAS-7 Years of Establishment and Development

To catch up with the country’s economic development of Vietnam, the boom of the infrastructure creates lots of business opportunities in the engineering industry. Under such circumstances, CIMAS has been known nationwide as a prestigious engineering company after 7 years endeavors and growth.  Year 2007 marks another milestone for [...]

CIMAS Badmintion Club

                                                                                                          By Nguyen Trung Kien – CIMAS. If you ask me: “What kind of sport is the most favourite in the world?”, I can give you an answer immediately: “It is the soccer”. And, how about in CIMAS? Each company regardless located in Vietnam or in other place in the world [...]